I believe it is best to plant early in the fall, for many reasons but one in particular and that is it allows more time for growth.  Although it is getting cooler and the leaves are falling off or have fallen off, roots are still functioning.  Soil temperatures are still conducive at 50 degrees for root growth and function, it seldom if ever reaches that temperature.  Rain frequency increases as well along with a reduction in temperature, intense sunlight and prevailing winds.  All of these factors combined allow for the best environment for the longest period of time before the heat comes on.  In addition you should have the tree fertilized, but be careful there are only a few fertilizers that will work.  Those are the actual tree fertilizers (3-1-1), that are organic and slow release like Arbor Green Pro.  The lower the salt index the more friendly it is to the roots.  These fertilizers require professionals with the proper equipment to perform the service because of the difficulty of handling and applying it to the root zone.  It is both economical, affordable and long lasting.


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