Would you go to a shoe salesman to have your feet worked on?  Think about it.  Do you care about your trees?  Really, do you care?  Is your perception of your trees that they are some static ornament in your yard?  Have you ever thought that maybe they are an organism that needs you to take care of them?  Have there been times you’ve said to yourself ” boy, they look bad”?  Have you done anything about it?  What would it be like if you didn’t have any trees?  Lots of questions.

And like the shoe salesman, who is qualified to answer the questions about what may look good or what they have in stock, he is not the source to consult about correcting growth problems or fractures.   Neither is your landscaper when it comes to your trees.  While your landscaper may have an opinion about your trees aesthetically, he is not the one to consult about your trees health or how to correct it.

Every cut in a tree has an impact, be it structurally or health related.  Call your Certified Arborist who specializes in tree health care, and who will treat your living organism the way it deserves.

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