Spraying Trees

Spraying trees is usually associated with applying pesticides to the foliage.  Old school, although it still is a practice it should be one that is rare.  For the simple fact there are economically more effective techniques that last longer and affect a larger range of damaging insects.

Insects not only damage trees structurally, but they affect the general level of the tree’s health.  Insects are persistent, non-deterred, purpose filled critters with a voracious appetite for tree tissue and cause harm.  There is a bug for every part of the tree at every different part of the season that at times overlap but not always up until the first freeze with exceptions.  So with the new chemistry and techniques, systemic medicines are a better tool.  They deliver a specific dosage that is long lasting, catching many damaging insects that can jump from one tree to the next and very well vector many destructive diseases with them.

Avoiding the beneficial insects entirely thus allowing them to feed uninhibitedly. Spraying has its place in treatment for certain pests but it’s a tool we like to see replaced.

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