Insects on Trees

To a tree owner, they are not even noticeable.  But to an Arborist, they are a glaring presence!  The pressure put on a tree from the feeding and damage insects inflict is incredible.  In the spring time numerous insects emerge and begin feeding.  Some right on the bud and others on the roots and trunk.  As the tree forms leaves, another wave appears.  Some chewing, some sucking and as the twig expands again another wave of piercing, sucking and chewing insects attack.  While all along there are insects that have not stopped feeding on the tree and damaging it in other parts like the sap and heartwood.

Trees cannot just pull up and leave for a better life.  They have to deal with what is handed them and I can tell you it is quite challenging.  This is the norm.  Then you have weather events, another layer of stresses that predispose trees to additional insect attack and increased pressure on the health of the trees.  Ice, wind, lightning, hail and drought are just a few, but add insects into the equation and it takes a large toll. Some trees can fight off these stresses successfully if they are healthy enough.  Most are not and even in the healthiest of trees, it affects the level or degree of health.

When insects are controlled this pressure is reduced and trees respond incredibly.  “Trees just want to grow” and when they are pressured from the feeding of insects, they have to redirect their energy in fighting off and repairing damage instead of growing.

Not any Arborist can perform these functions, only an Arborist who specializes in Tree Health Care, a sort of veterinarian of trees, a Arborinarian.  An Arborinarian can diagnose, treat trees for disease and injuries as well as perform tree surgery (pruning / trimming).

We can treat trees for many disorders both short and long term depending on severity.  With the technology today we can supply trees with food and medicine, which are long lasting, safe and economical.  We will insure the trees good health, aesthetic value and ability to grow stronger.


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