Tree Wound Care

Trees that have had bark damaged, ripped, torn or removed entirely due to vehicles, mowers or even weather events can now be helped.  The sooner we can address the damage, of course, the more successful we will be. This is what needs to be done:


Advanced Tree & Shrub Care will bring the following:

  • Cut Guard, biological plant wound dressing
  • Lanolin/ roofing felt/ mallet / chisels/ wound scraper
  • TREESENTIALS” treatment via soil injection

We will remove bark tissue that is deemed irreparable and damaged sapwood that is splintered or beveled to provide a surface condition conducive with cambium regeneration.  Apply medicaments to the surface and reattach any damaged tissue and cover with the roofing felt.  We will then inject our TREESENTIALS treatment with the appropriate dosage based on size of organism and condition.  The felt should remain on tree for 1 year and we would check on the progress during that period.

Checkups are provided to monitor progress and watch for manifestations of secondary infections.  Our success rate has been very high, over 85% and the work itself is economical, with typically only a couple hours of work required depending on the amount of damage.

An added benefit would be to have an appraisal done on the tree for insurance purposes.  Insurance companies will only accept appraisals from a verifiable expert such as a Registered Consulting Arborist.


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