Trees Need to Eat

Homeowners generally take care of their trees the way they think is the best.  It may be the correct way, but most likely not.  Just because we have had trees in our lives and they have grown, it is your perception that they are in good health.  Generally, this simply is not true.  Trees grow…. that’s what they do.  If they didn’t then they are dying.  To be specific, the primary growth at the tips is the good growth.  This is the growth that will sustain the tree for the season.  Trees that are static or have growth in other areas of the tree are not in good health.  In fact, this is an indicator that the tree is suffering, declining or even dying.

If you do nothing to your trees they may grow.  Even if you just water, you can see a difference.  But if you feed your trees, you will see a BIG difference!  What you can take from this is some care no matter how little or how much, can make a difference that you can actually see.  However, you need to be careful as there is a right way and a wrong way of caring for trees.  Watering, feeding, pruning and treating.  Feeding which is actually fertilizing has been researched for years and we have actually found out how trees take up nutrients.  There are fertilizers out there that replicate this.  These are the best, as they mimic the same conditions out in a forest and last a long time.  It can only be done successfully by a professional, experienced Arborist who has the knowledge and equipment designed to apply it.

You as the tree owner can unknowingly do more harm than good.  That is why you should consult a Certified Arborist who specializes in Tree Health Care.  Any care is a helpful, but proper care will not only give your tree good health, but will add resiliency.

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